martes, 2 de enero de 2018


I love Formula 1 races because I love cars, but I don't usually see Formula 1 races because I think that sometimes they are boring. My favourite Formula 1 driver is Fernando Alonso because he is the best driver in all the world.

I think that this new game is a real stupidity because I think that the game has no sense. There are some people that think that this new game is great, but I don' t think so. Do you know that there are world records about the bottle flip challenge? It's a real madness!

Many people dream with having a brother or a sister, but people who have them dream with not having them. I have a great sister, I love her a lot and she is a nice girl. We sometimes have little arguments, but at the end, I love her a lot and when she has a problem I always help her because he´s the most important thing for me in this world.

I think that Sharapova is a great tennis player, but a little time ago she failled the drug test, so that means that she wasn' t a good tennis player because she was cheating. That was a great disapointment. Everybody thought that she was a great tennis player, but at the end we discovered that it wasn´t like this and they took them her money and trophies.

In this world, there are many good tennis players, Andy Murray is one of them. He has beaten te best players in the world and last year he was the best tennis player in the world! I think that he is a great tennis player, but not better than Rafa Nadal! He's the best.

I always thought that coffee was a dessert, but it´s also a way of keeping you awake. Adult people usually have a cup of coffee after a meal or when they are inactive. Do you know that the most expensive coffee in the world is monkey poo? The monkey eats the coffee grains and then it expelled it. I love coffee despite its flavour is a bit strange, but I will have it when I´m a bit older.
In my opinion, I think that mobile phones are very useful objects if you use them in he correct way. Many people use them like a toy, but phones aren´t a toy. 

Mobile phones should be used to call someone in an emergency, to talk with your friends or with your family far away.

Now, everybody is using mobile phones for silly things like playing games or to see other people´s photographs.

In my oppinion, mobile phones are very useful if you use them in the correct way.

I think it´s a great idea recycle chewing gum and make shoe soles. It´s a great way of having the floor clean and tidy.

Some people drop chewing gums onto the floor instead of into a bin, it´s a very disgusting thing and 
it´s horrible to you when you step on it and it sticks on your shoe sole.

The best way of having the earth clean is to put every gum in a bin, ore make shoe soles in this case.

Rafa Nadal is a great tennis player. He is one of the best tennis players in all the world. He is a great example for me because he´s great.

When I was a little child I didn´t know him, but now, I know him better than anyone. What I most like of him is that he´s a great person and he is very polite.

He was born in Majorca and he has a sister. His uncle trained him all his life, and he still does!

He´s a great person and in the future, I would like to be like him.

I think that electric cars are a perfect way of not polluting the air because they work with electricity and not with fuel. They are very silent cars, but their battery lasts less than a normal fuel car. I don´t like battery cars because you need to charge them much more than a normal one. Despite needing to charge it a lot, I prefer electric cars.

Football is a typical sport wich everyone wants to play. I don´t really like that sport because 
it´s an agressive sport and it has no sense. It´s also very easy because you play with other people in your team instead of one.

I prefer tennis because it´s a polite sport and it is very amusing.

Paris is a fantastic place where you can stay all your life because it´s very beautiful. My favourite monument in Paris is The Eiffel Towel. It´s amazing!

When I went to Paris I, went to Disney Land. It´s a great park with a lot of attractions. All of them are amazing. They are very special because all of them are from a Disney TV programe.

I also ate very strange and disgusting things. I ate `Roquefort´ cheese with little worms! ARGG. I also ate a delicious croissant with chocolate. That was the best!

We stayed five days there and it was great. I bough a very funny teddy bear, it was blue, white and it was from a film called Lilo and Stich, which is a Disney one.

I want to go there again!

Health is a very important thing that you must take care of. One reason is because you can do things with less effort and you can avoid health problems like strokes. I know a lot of people who have died because of a health problem. One of the ways not to have health problems is not smoking, eating healthy things or doing sport. I keep myself healthydoing sport, and I love it, it´s a way to have fun and to keep yourself healthy. You must also eat fruit every day, bananas are my favourite! So remember, to take care of yourself and follow my instructions.

Mums are the best things in the world. Who doesn´t love his mother? She is the person that looks after you when you don´t feel well and she´s the woman that helps you when you are in a big problem. It doesn´t matter how big the problem is, your mum and your family is there to help you. They also make delicious food. Who cooks better than a mum? No one! So remember, treat your mum correctly and take care of her a lot.

Edinburgh is a great and beautiful city. It´s the capital of Scotland. I went there last year and there where lots of fantastic buildings and a lot of monuments. My favourite one was the palace. It was a great and interesting place with a great cannon that shoots every day at twelve o´clock. In Edinburgh there were lots of plants and a lot of trees. There were hills full of green and soft grass. Parks are also wonderful and they are very clean and quiet. There are also a lot of rabbits along the streets. I love it! 

What´s summer? Very easy, it´s the best part of the year when you can go to bed vey late, you can go to the beach with your friends and family, and you can also eat a lot of ice-cream. Lemon is my favourite one! Those three spectacular months after school are great! But you can only enjoy them if you have good marks. So you´d better study during all the year, or the summer will be a great disaster!

Last summer I had a lot of fun with my family and friends because I had good marks at school. I went to Madrid with my family, I went to the beach with some friends and I also met them to go for a walk around the village. But, what I most like doing at summer is playing tennis in Granada. I train there for two weeks and I play with my friends.

This term I´m going to try to get good grades to have a lot of fun in the summer and play tennis a lot. How wonderful the summer is!

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