lunes, 8 de enero de 2018


A - Hi Sam !
B - Hello Jack, how are you ?
A - Fine thanks. I was going to the cinema.
B - Oh ! What´s your favourite film ?
A - It´s Star Wars.
B - Oh dear ! I don´t like Star Wars at all ! The characters weren´t at all realisticand it was too long, but the plot was exciting.
A - What´s your favourite film ?
B - The Hobbit.
A - That´s a great film ! Characters are great, but it is too long.
B - That doesen´t matter because it was very excitung.
A- I know ! I recomended it to everyone.
B - See you later Jack !
A - Bye Sam
Resultado de imagen de star wars

Resultado de imagen de hobbit

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