lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017



A- Hello, Good morning.
B- Good morning, can I help you ?
A- Yes please, where´s the bus stop ?
B- Go straight and on the second street turn left.
A- How much does a ticket cost ?
B- If you want to go to Brighton_12$, if you want to go to Reading_13$ and if you want to go to Bristol_10$.
A- Ok, I want to go to Bristol, how often does the bus run ?
B- Every 20 min. The next is in 5 minutes.
A- Oh ! I should be quick.
B- Would you like a ticket?
A- Yes please. How much does it cost ?
B- 10$. Your next bus is E-80. 
A- Ok, thanks. Good bye !
B- Bye and have a nice day !

Resultado de imagen de bus station      Resultado de imagen de bus station

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