jueves, 26 de enero de 2017



             A- Do you like junk food?
             B-    Yes, I love junk food
            A-    Are you kidding? I don´t like junk food at all. Why do you eat junk food?
            B-    Because it´s delicious.
            A-    I can´t believe it ! I also think it´s delicious ; but it isn´t good for your body at all.

A-    Do you eat junk food?
B-    Yes I do!
A-    Are you kidding? I never eat yunk food.
B-    Because it´s bad for your body and I don´t like it at all.

A-    Do you like music?
B-    Yes I do! My favourite Singer is Juan Magan.
A-    Are you kidding? I don´t like him at all. My favourite singuer is Charlie Puth.
B-    I love his songs! He´s fantastic.
A-    I know!

A-    What type of music do you like?
B-    I like Raegheton music.
A-    I also love this type of music. I also like Rock music.

B-    Are you kidding? I don´t like that type of music at all.

A- What sport do you do?
B- I play tennis every day.
A- Are you kidding? I don´t like tennis at all!
B- I have tennis classes five times a week.
A- I can´t believe it! Wy do you play so much?
B- Because I love it and it´s my favourite sport.

A- Do you like football?
B- Yes I do, it´s my favourite sport.
A- Really? Football is also my favourite sport.
B- It´s a very nice sport.

A- Do you chat online?
B- No, I don´t.
A- Really? I chat online at all time.
B- I prefer to meet my friends.
A- Are you kidding? I don´t like  meeting my friends at all! I have them on the internet.

A- Do you watch TV on the internet?
B- Yes I do.
A- Are you kidding? I don´t like watching it on the internet at all!  
B- Why not? You can see whatever you want.
A- But the screen is very little. 

martes, 24 de enero de 2017



You will need: A cup, some water, some milk, tea bags, tea cups, a keetle and some sugar.

First, you boil some water and put some into the tea pot to warm it, and throw out the water. Then you put some milk in it.

Then you boil some water with the kettle and put it in a cup and you put a tea bag in it.

After some time, pour the tea into the tea pot with the milk and you cover it. Leave it for three minutes.

Now it is ready to be served. Pour into a tea cup and add some sugar. Drink it and enjoy it!

People have tea to wake up, before lunch, after lunch, at tea time, at night, at all times! So make yourself a sweet cup of tea and enjoy it.

martes, 10 de enero de 2017



A-Can I help you?
B-Yes, please.
A-What do you need?
B-I want a present for a friend.
A-Is it a boyo r a girl?
B-It´s a girl.
A-Oh!, you can have pink courtins.
B-No! Too big.
A-How about these pillows?
B-How about these pillows?
A-Ok! How much are they?
B-They´re 8$.
A-Ok! I´ll take a pink rug, as well.
A-15$ please.
B-Ok; bye!

A-Bye and thanks!



A-Hi Cathie!
A-Where are you going?
B-I´m going to the shopping centre.
A-I´ll go with you!
A-What do you want to buy?
B-Something for my room.
A-How about these curtains?
B-I´ve only got 10$.
A-And how about this poster?
B-I have a lot of posters.
A- This clock?
B-Oh! It´s beautiful! I´ll take it.
C-Can I help you ?
B- Yes please! I´ll buy this clock.
C-Ok, It´s 10$
B- Ok, bye.
C- Bye and thanks.