domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2016



I have a very nice bedroom. It´s a little bit small, 

but I love it. It is 2.75 metres long and 2.25 metres 

wide. The bed is nex to the door. Above the bed I 

have a ittle orange shelf with books and a lamp on 

it. My black desk is between the wardrobe and the 

shelf. The shelf is in the corner. I have an orange 

duvet. I have an orange pillow in my bed aswell. My 

bed is special; it has another bed inside it ! In the 

top of my wardrobe I have a little statue of a brown 

dog.The dog is between two boxes. Infront of the 

bow  there is a scullture of a football player. Infront 

of my desk there is a window from where I can see 

all my green garden, but it doesen´t have any 

courtains. I love my bedroom!