sábado, 18 de marzo de 2017

Saint Patrick´s Day


 Saint Patrick´s Day, Green, Ireland, Leprechaun, Shamrock, Snake, Horseshoe, Hat, Rainbow, Pot of gold, Harp.

1. Saint Patrick´s Day is a typical day in Ireland in memory of a little boy who later became a priest.
2. On this day everyone is wearing green. And everything is green. Even the rivers!
3. The Leprechaun is a typical little green elf on Saint Patrick´s Day.
4. The shamrock is a green plant that everyone is wearing on Saint Patrick´s Day.
5. A legend says that ST Patrick expelled all the snakes from Ireland.
6. On this day, people put horseshoes on its doors to have good luck.
7. The legend says that at the end of the rainbow there is a Leprechaun with a pot of gold.
8. The harp is a typical instrument on Saint Patrick´s Day.

Resultado de imagen de saint patrick's day
Resultado de imagen de saint patrick's dayResultado de imagen de saint patrick's day

lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

My last holiday


The last holiday, I went to paris. It was really nice and peaceful place were people can walk their dogs. People in Paris were very nice and very educated. What I liked most in Paris was the Eiffel Tower. When I went up there and I saw all Paris I felt very happy. And up the Eiffel Tower there is a very nice restaurant with a lot of people eating there. It was a very mice holiday.

Resultado de imagen de parisResultado de imagen de parisResultado de imagen de paris

Dialogue at the bus station


A- Hello, Good morning.
B- Good morning, can I help you ?
A- Yes please, where´s the bus stop ?
B- Go straight and on the second street turn left.
A- How much does a ticket cost ?
B- If you want to go to Brighton_12$, if you want to go to Reading_13$ and if you want to go to Bristol_10$.
A- Ok, I want to go to Bristol, how often does the bus run ?
B- Every 20 min. The next is in 5 minutes.
A- Oh ! I should be quick.
B- Would you like a ticket?
A- Yes please. How much does it cost ?
B- 10$. Your next bus is E-80. 
A- Ok, thanks. Good bye !
B- Bye and have a nice day !

Resultado de imagen de bus station      Resultado de imagen de bus station

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017



A: Hi.

B: Hello! Can I help you?

A: Yes, please.

B: Tell me.

A: I want to practisse tennis.

B: How old are you?

A: I´m 10 years old.

B: Do you want private lessons ore would you like to join the class?

A: I would like to join the class.

B: Ok it´s 160 $ a month.

A: No problem.

B: Your clases start on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

A: Are you kidding? I can´t teach on Mondays.

B: Ok… You will train on Tuesdays instead on Mondays.

A: And how about guitar lessons?

B: Oh! That´s 59 $ a month.

A: Ok. I would like private lessons.

B: No problema. What days are you free?

A: I´m free on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

B: Ok. Well, we´ll have clases on Wednedays, Saturdays and Sundays.

A: Ok. Bye!

B: Bye, bye Lucie, see you soon.

My favourite celebrity



My favourite celebrity is Rafael Nadal. He´s a famous tennis player and he was born the 3rd, June, 1986. He has Brown eyes and dark black long hair. He´s very competitive, friendly and very cheerful.


He´s a profesional tennis player and he was born in the Canary Islands.


Rafa Nadal has a lot of people in his familie: His father, his mother, his sister, his ount, his aunty and his other unckle called Toni Nadal. He is his tennis trainer.


Rafa likes a lot of things to do, but his favourite hobby is playing tennis. 

Resultado de imagen de rafa nadalResultado de imagen de rafa nadal

Resultado de imagen de rafa nadal

Resultado de imagen de rafa nadal

              COME ON RAFA!!!!

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017



My name is Alvaro and I´m 12 years old. I´m Spanish. I´m in a school called I.E.S  Mediterraneoand I have a lot of friends. I have one sister cllaed Laura. I go to school at 8:15, but I get up at 7:00 in the morning.After the school I get the school bus and I go back to my house. I also have one dog called Luna and one turttle called Cookey. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thurdays I have English clases and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I have tennis Classes. I  don´t usually meet my friends, I do homework instead. At the weekends I play tennis and with my tablet.

And now my friend. His name is Alex and his first surname is the same as mine. We play tennis together in Granada and I meet him on Wednesdays and Fridays. He´s a very funny boy and he has short and blond hair. He´s thin and strong and he can run very fast. He´s 13 years old and he´s a very good student. He lives in Granada and he´s very good at playing a videogame called Clash Royale.

Your fríend Alvaro.

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